MADO Sharpening Machine MNS 630

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Product Description

Reducing costs – attaining the best quality. Experience pays off. Especially when it is in the perfect cutting edges. There is “sharp” and then there is “sharp”. The crown finish is the only way to achieve the highest possible resilience and long useful lives. The “MADO Superschliff” is still unique in its function and the diversity of its possible uses. Whether it’s knives for butchering, the sales area or the kitchen, whether it’s cutter knives or cleavers, all cutting tools can be resharpened easily and expertly with the “Superschliff”. With the special contact disc the optimal “crown finish” is practically achieved by itself. The machine itself also has an extremely long useful life, being almost completely indestructible thanks to its rock solid construction with a body made from plastic in combination with stainless steel and its perfected technology. “Well sharpened means well cut.”