MADO Shop Mincer Primus MEW 713

three-phase current 400 V, 50 Hz, 1.5 kW AS,
approx. 400 kg/h, cutting sets: Unger system
H82 and Enterprise system E22,
6.0 l bowl volume
Dimensions: E: 125 mm; F: 220 mm; G: 440 mm; H: 240 mm; K: 300 mm; L: 370 mm; M: 300 mm, O: 405 mm; Weight: approx. 45 kg

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Product Description

Thanks to the special shaping of the filler nozzle, there is very little need for the pusher in all MADO mincers. The PRIMUS can be operated alternatively with the Unger or Enterprise cutting systems. A good job is done and the best possible cut is achieved. The completely joint-free machine body guarantees the highest possible hygiene standards. Both machines have a removable snail shell as standard. The machine has a removable snail shell as standard.