Special Tools

  • DK_149001600

    DICK Meat Tenderiser

    Art. no: 149001600Read more
  • ZW_193200000

    Magnetic Bars

    Art. no: 193Read more
  • ZW_197100000

    Bone Meal Remover

    Art. no: 197100000Read more
  • ZW_197306688

    NEW! “Ritzi” Crust Cutter

    Art. no: 197306688Read more
  • ZW_197600000

    Ring Knives

    Art. no: 197600000Read more
  • ZW_521000000

    Bacon ripper with blade, straight handle

    Art. no: 521Read more
  • ZW_521300000

    Carré/Cutlet Boner

    Art. no: 521300000Read more
  • ZW_522200000

    Bacon ripper spare blades

    Art. no: 522Read more
  • ZW_524100000

    Spare Rib Puller sling

    Art. no: 524Read more
  • ZW_525904100

    Rib puller

    Art. no: 525904100Read more
  • ZW_525904101

    Spare Rib Puller loops

    Art. no: 525904101Read more
  • DK_535709000

    DICK Quick Action Bow Saw

    Art. no: 535Read more
  • DK_536100000

    DICK Bow Saw

    Art. no: 536Read more
  • DK_539200000

    Hand Saw Blade in a 10 m roll

    Art. no: 539Read more
  • ZW_541190000

    Hand Hook

    Art. no: 541190000Read more
  • ZW_541909010

    Hand Hook with aluminium hexagon grip

    Art. no: 541909010Read more
  • ZW_543000000


    Art. no: 543Read more
  • ZW_544000000

    Rotating Hook with ball bearing

    Art. no: 544000000Read more
  • ZW_552000000

    Bell Scraper with carabiner

    Art. no: 552000000Read more
  • ZW_561020000

    Sausage Lifter with plastic handle

    Art. no: 5610Read more
  • ZW_561500000

    Sausage Lifter in stainless steel

    Art. no: 561500000Read more
  • ZW_571000000

    FABER Meat Marking Pencil No. 698

    Art. no: 571000Read more
  • ZW_573100000

    Cattle Blinder/Bull Blinder

    Art. no: 573Read more
  • ZW_574110000

    KAWE 21 Cattle Prod

    Art. no: 574Read more