MADO Table Cutter Garant MTK 661

13 litre bowl volume, 3-piece knife head
three-phase current 400 V, 50 Hz, 2.8 kW
The Garant MTK 661 can be equipped with a mobile underframe and with a thermometer upon request.
Dimensions: A: 815 mm; B: 700 mm; C: 90 mm; D: 455 mm; E: 500 mm; F: 590 mm; G: 480 mm; H: 347 mm; Weight: approx. 110 kg

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Product Description

The new cutters of the “Garant” series are the right helpers when it comes to producing sausage meat and pâté or chopping herbs and vegetables. The completely removable knife head and the machine body made from stainless steel are other positives for a high lasting value of the machine.